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My Julia Ann videos can be streamed or downloaded! It's up to you! There is a large collection of Julia Ann hardcore and softcore videos here, solos, boy-girl, and girl-girl and some fetish work too! The most recent videos are in HD but all are me being the dirty milf you love.

Cougar Diaries #27

Posted July 1st 2015

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Cougar Diaries 27 - alright all you Cougar Diary lovers!! We have #27 for you. Julia's master has a slave strip her naked. Is his big dick chatter just all that? Does he really have a small laughable dick? The story continues... don't miss numbers 1-26 right here exclusively at JAL.


Posted June 24th 2015

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Brand spanking new HD exclusive members only video. Unavailable anywhere else. When a video contains two of adults superstars, you know it's going to be hot. Vicky & Julia sure love spending time together. Two big titted blondes heating up the steamroom. Sultry, sexy and sensuous. Both girls get off... and you will too. Be one of the first to download this new video! Enjoy!

Cougar Diaries #26

Posted June 3rd 2015

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Julia sees a huge black dick... the biggest she has ever seen... which is soon penetrating her. A massive cock pushing slowly... the biggest black cock she has ever felt. Can Julia handle this massive big black dick? She is the Hottest MILF 2015... so when she squirts, you know her pussy opened up for his huge cock. What happens next? More on the way!

Cougar Diaries #25

Posted May 21st 2015

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Are we already up to Episode 25 of this super popular webisodic series? Julia a submissive? Julia whips her master's most prized possession and then her master as he "strokes himself off into her mouth". This is some story... close your eyes and listen to Julia as she gets a cock and dildo shoved deep into her throat. The action is dark and erotic. What happens next? Stay tuned for #26!

Cougar Diaries #24

Posted May 19th 2015

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Our favorite slutty story shifts into caning? Julia is canned by her master... is she enjoying it? It does seem to be that way when her master shoves his cock in her ass... throbbing from "wound to cunt" to an "uncontrollable orgasm". This is a nighttime story for adults only... enjoy! Don't worry, Julia gets her hands on the cane in the next episode!