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My Julia Ann videos can be streamed or downloaded! It's up to you! There is a large collection of Julia Ann hardcore and softcore videos here, solos, boy-girl, and girl-girl and some fetish work too! The most recent videos are in HD but all are me being the dirty milf you love.

Cougar Diaries #20

Posted April 1st 2015

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Our exclusive webisode continues as Julia finds herself naked and alone on the street.... "discarded" by her "master" with nothing. Downtown Los Angeles and naked? Will her master take her back? Only if she takes care of his dick perhaps. Does her 'master' come to her rescue or let her be fucked in the alley?! Enjoy! More Cougar Diaries on the way. Don't forget Julia is live every week free for members! Enjoy!

Cougar Diaries #19

Posted March 26th 2015

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Cougar Diaries 19 ... our exclusive webisode Cougar Diaries continues as Julia's master gives her a 'well trained' slave to 'tend to her'. Will Julia sign the 'slave' contract... or leave... without any of her clothes? You will be as riveted as us. Don't worry... MORE of this saucy and naughty tale on the way. Enjoy!

Cougar Diaries #18

Posted March 24th 2015

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Julia's Exclusive Webisode Cougar Diaries continues with Episode 18. When an episode starts with "my ass feels good with a cock in it" and ends with "I have no more juice to give"... you know it's going to be hot. The world's hottest MILF with a story line so hot you will want to watch one of her anal videos as soon as you are done with this installment. Is this your first installment? Just like Netflix... you better watch 1-17 first... exclusively right here.

Boy Toy 2

Posted March 18th 2015

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Julia's Exclusive new members only Webisode BOY TOY 2 is back and it's better than Netflixxx. We are not sure if Julia's Boy Toy loves being dominated or not but he sure gets off at the end... without fail. Julia Ann in femdom action, catching her boy toy masturbating on her couch. How dare he jerk off without her helping hands?! The World's Hottest MILF makes sure her Boy Toy gets off when she wants him to get off. Warning: the ending of this video is different - if you are faint of heart or looking for a romantic ending, watch a different members video. Enjoy! Don't forget Julia is live almost every Wednesday, FREE to members!

Boy Toy 1

Posted March 4th 2015

Section: Fetish Videos Models: Julia A
BOY TOY 1 ... first in a series of hot BOYTOY episodes. If you think being told by the world's hottest MILF to eat her out while she enjoys a nice glass of red wine sound thoroughly erotic and ball busting, this new series is PERFECT for you. Julia takes control of her boy toy, who is handily on a leash and ball restraints... directing him to eat her out. MILF Femdom 101 from the #1 MILF in Porn. 12+ minutes of brand new video that most definitely cannot be found on Brazzers or Naughty America! Enjoy!