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Cougar Diary #32

Posted November 25th 2015

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Double vaginal not kinky enough? Julia has her young studs get hard again and enjoy each other too! Julia licks the dry cum off their cocks and shares them with her friend Reyna. "Stick your cock in my ass little man!" yells out Julia's friend. Julia plays with her vagina with three fingers and then puts her hand in her own ass... anal fisting? This ain't for the faint hearted! Enjoy!

Cougar Diary #31

Posted November 24th 2015

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Can you say DOUBLE VAG? Julia prefers cocks to dildos... so "needy for sex". Cocks and dildos in every hole. The dirtiest story ever told by a hot MILF! Episode 31 includes lines like "the feeling was unreal" - "both guys stroke slowly in and out" - "I came as hard as I ever had" - "two pistons going in and out of my drenched box." Put your headphones on and turn out the lights. Enjoy!

Sex Machina

Posted November 11th 2015

Section: Sex Videos Models: Jessica Jaymes, Julia A
If you like your futuristic sci-fi android fantasy movies... or just like seeing two insanely hot MILFS having lesbian sex, check out this all new 18+ members video! Jessica Jaymes beams up her BOT to play with ... AVN's Hottest MILF Julia Ann. Fun in the galaxy. Remember you can stream all of Julia's exclusive movies on your cellphones or other mobile devices. Camshows are now mobile too! Enjoy!


Posted October 21st 2015

Section: Sex Videos Models: Jessica Jaymes, Julia A
Do you have a Julia Ann as a brunette scientist who loves dick fetish?! Who doesn't! Julia Ann and a girl she LOVES to suck dick with, Jessica Jaymes need a dick break while working on a new project. Julia & Jessica love to suck dick together and this new members video ends with Julia licking jizz off Jessica's lips and face. Must have new vid! Now over 260+ vids that stream right to your phone. Be one of the first to ENJOY this video on a train, at work, in your bathroom at home or.... on your desktop. Mobile friendly and erection friendly too! Enjoy!

Sweater Weather

Posted October 7th 2015

Section: Sex Videos Models: Julia A
The incredibly sexy Julia Ann keeps on looking hotter and hotter as she dresses up in a sweater and naughty stockings to entertain while you watch her get off. Brand spanking new members only video that's just about the right size to watch on your iphone or galaxy note on your way home from work. Enjoy!! Meet Julia inside and get this video today.